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Small Changes, Big Impacts

When you have a family member with autism or other sensory sensitivities, even everyday outings can present challenges. Autism Welcoming℠ makes everything—from day-to-day errands to special occasions—easier. Through our Autism Welcoming trainings, businesses learn how to welcome individuals and families, creating new customers and a more inclusive community for all.

For Businesses: How Certification Works

We work with businesses and organizations to provide the training and tools they need to welcome people with autism and their families. Whether your business is a family-owned shop, nonprofit organization, or national franchise, we customize our trainings and resources to meet your needs. Our trainings are designed to help you identify small but impactful changes that will make your business more accessible to those with autism and sensory sensitivities.

Autism Welcoming trainings are facilitated by professionals with decades of personal and professional experience in the autism community. Our staff members will work with you to determine the format, length, and training content that will best meet your team’s needs. In addition to your customized training, ongoing access to our resources, guidance, and community visibility is an integral part of the Autism Welcoming model.

As a certified Autism Welcoming business, you will expand your customer base, foster an inclusive team culture, and help us build a more accepting community for all. To learn more about the certification process and how it could work for your organization, please contact us at (508) 652-9900 or fill out our inquiry form.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

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Where do you deliver trainings?

We deliver most trainings virtually but also welcome the opportunity to work in-person with businesses in and around eastern and central Massachusetts.

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How long does it take to get certified?

Because trainings are customized, timeline and session length can vary. After an initial conversation, we often prepare with a primary business contact for an hour or two prior to the training itself. The main training typically lasts between 90 minutes and three hours.

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How much does certification cost?

Certification cost varies depending on the specific needs of your organization. A typical training for a mid-sized business costs $1,000, but we will work with you to find a training that fits your budget and requirements.

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Can you offer a training that meets our unique needs?

We value the chance to provide you with a tailored certification process. We've certified businesses from museums, restaurants, and entertainment venues to non-profits, medical providers, and salons. We especially enjoy working with businesses that reflect the rich cultural diversity of MetroWest Boston.


Explore Autism Welcoming Businesses: Resources for Families

Whether you’re looking for a dentist for your adult child or planning a birthday party for your little one, knowing that a business is familiar with autism makes everything a little bit easier! We're here to help with a list of recurring autism-friendly and sensory-sensitive offerings, plus a directory of certified Autism Welcoming businesses.