Digital Teen Music Club

This digital music teen social club focuses on musical interests while working on several social skills including introductions, cooperation, compromising, group dynamics and having FUN!  The program is facilitated by 3 Special Educators and a Registered Music Therapist from Roman Music Therapy. 

This program is funded by the Department of Developmental Services. All participants MUST be eligible for services through DDS Middlesex West Framingham.  If you are unsure if your son or daughter is DDS eligible please email Allison or call at 508-652-9900. 


This program is for individuals ages 10-15, on the autism spectrum that have a high interest in digital music and would like to explore social skill development. The program ratio is 1:4.  


This program has 3- six week sessions – fall, winter and spring. (month of December off) and meets on Thursday evenings and includes dinner.


Autism Alliance, Framingham