Guest Speaker Sheeva Abolhassani M.S. CCC-SLP, Founder of ASD 123


This workshop will focus on strategies parents can do in the home with their child to increase language skills / using technology in a way to target their child's social skills. It will feature an app called ASD 123 which is an interactive learning platform to aid in language abilities.

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What this app does differently is it is using voice technology to promote interactivity for the child to want to use their voice to interact with our activities instead of sitting quietly tapping on the screen.  We also love for our app to be used with both the child and parent/caregiver present so this way some of the words to be said in each game (i.e., 'go', 'up' etc.) can then be carried over into the home environment.  We do not have an ideal age, but instead an ideal level of language and that is for children whose language is beginning to develop and have a few words.  I would like to add more to the app for it to aid 'pre-verbal' (or children who are not yet speaking) children as well. Learn more:

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