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Help support families caring for loved ones with autism. 

 Join us as we welcome Tom Sannicandro, JD, PhD to discuss the importance of special needs trusts and wills, as well as his website which provides an easy and low cost mechanism to develop the two. 

" I have been practicing disability law for more than 20 years. I am the father of an adult son with Down syndrome, so I know the challenges that families face when trying to provide a future for all their children. After retiring from the practice of law, I thought the best way to give back would be to provide estate planning documents for families with a child with special needs in an easy and affordable way. 

There are benefits of drafting your estate plan and special needs trusts together. My easy-to-use form does all the hard work for you and sets up the most benefits for your child’s future. 

I also provide legal documents that helps protect someone with disabilities by ensuring that they get the assistance of someone they trust."