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Autism and grief are both highly individualized, making each person’s life experience and grief journey unique. This website was designed to help visitors navigate and support the often-rocky journey of grief and loss. Our intent is to provide reliable information and helpful suggestions that respect and acknowledge the grief experiences of adults with autism and fully involve them in the grief process. Accordingly, information is presented visually and through text to enhance accessibility for all users.

We all grieve differently. There are many ways that people react, and your feelings after a death or non-death loss may be difficult to identify. Your reactions may be different from those around you.

Autistic Adults

The information in this website portal may help you, as an autistic adult, cope with and communicate your grief and loss. Choose from written material, videos, and social stories.

Supporting an Autistic Adult in Grief

The information in this portal is presented to assist family, friends, and direct support professionals (DSPs) who are supporting an autistic adult in grief and loss. These resources can help you communicate news of a death, plan and prepare for events that may happen after a death, and better understand grief.