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Chris Kjellson, LICSW
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321 Walnut St., #344
Newtonville, MA 02460
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 For those families and caregivers who are pursuing guardianship for a loved one, the Clinical Team Report is often the first step in the process.

The experienced team at Trusted Clinical Supports, Christine Kjellson, LICSW, and Tommy Stoddard, PsyD, will review previously completed clinical documents, such as psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, assessments and tests. They will virtually meet with the individual for whom guardianship is requested, as well as a caregiver of that individual. Finally, they will complete the Psychologist and Social Worker portion of the Clinical Team Report and mail with original signatures to the person assisting with the process.

Licensed in Massachusetts, Chris and Tommy are able to provide Clinical Team Reports for anyone residing in Massachusetts.


There is a flat fee of $750 for the Psychologist and Social Work portion of the CTR.

Tommy and Chris are also available to complete each section individually for a lesser fee. Please reach out for additional information.