Autism Welcoming Community in MetroWest

We're working to create an "Autism Welcoming" community in Framingham and beyond! Our goal is to partner with community businesses in an effort to create a culture of understanding and sensitivity surrounding Autism for families. We're going to help businesses become sensory responsive by educating staff and assisting with simple, but impactful accommodations.  
In addition, we're creating a Caregiver Corps to address the respite needs of families. The Caregiver Corps will partner with families to develop an ongoing respite-relationship - either on and individual basis or through group respite.
Stay tuned for updates on new businesses and respite opportunities!
Advocates has received a grant from The Becker Family Trust to partner with businesses and create the Caregiver Corps. Learn more.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Molly Gentilucci at