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The First Autism Welcoming Event at Burtons Grill & Bar in Shrewsbury


On July 2nd, Burtons Grill & Bar of Shrewsbury hosted their first Autism Welcoming Dining Event after completing our sensory-responsive business training. This is all part of our Autism Welcoming Initiative, where we identify local businesses that are willing to take extra steps to create an accepting and inclusive community. We then educate staff, assess their business environment and provide recommendations about how they can make simple, but impactful accommodations for patrons diagnosed on the autism spectrum. We work closely with each business to educate, train, and provide the tools they need to become an approved sensitivity responsive business. Participating businesses will receive our "Autism Welcoming Seal of Approval". 

This first Burtons event was a huge success! About ten families in the MetroWest area came in to dine between 3:00 - 6:30 pm, and were greeted by the incredibly kind and welcoming staff. Accomodations were available from the moment each family arrived, ranging from special seating, to visual menus, to noise canceling headphones to fidget items. All of these sensory tools and accommodations will be available anytime an individual on spectrum dines at Burtons in Shrewsbury - not just during special events. Families can also request expedited check out to ensure a quick and successful visit.

Burtons is known for its strict adherence to food allergies and dietary needs. We are thrilled to welcome Burtons Grill & Bar in Shrewsbury as one of our first Autism Welcoming business partners. They will be hosting these Autism Welcoming dining events on the first Tuesday of each month. Please stop in and check out all the wonderful accommodations they have in place.