Row, Row, Row Your...Rowing Machine?!


CrossFit Rowathon to Benefit The Autism Alliance

There is something very unique about people who do CrossFit. As an exercise program, CrossFit is definied as "constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity".

It is an exercise movement that enjoys a dedicated following and that was certainly on display this past Saturday, May 5th, in Marlborough, MA. Inside the CrossFit CRAG facility, more than 27 teams from across three states joined forces in a competitive, marathon-distance rowathon -- all to benefit The Autism Alliance of MetroWest!

It was truly incredible to witness the heart, determination and power that these diverse teams displayed. They signed up for this. They paid to participate. They were in it until the bitter end; until every last mile was logged for their team. There was a lot of energy in the room; lots of cheering; lots of panting, sweating and laughing. It was a powerful event in all aspects.

As we watched these amazing athletes, across all walks of life, compete in this charity event, we couldn't help but draw parallels to the experience of raising a child with autism. It takes dedication. It takes grit. It takes heart.

Autism touches all walks of life. It's constant, it's varied AND it's high intensity. It's a marathon.

Autism takes a team. It requires mental and physical strength.

Sometimes it leaves you panting and sweating. Other times laughing or celebrating.

Thank you to CrossFit CRAG for hosting such a phenomenal fundraiser - and to all the participating gyms and sponsors, we salute you! Thank you for raising money, increasing awareness and promoting acceptance.

Acceptance is Powerful. And so are you.