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Help support families caring for loved ones with autism. 

Some observant folks may have spotted our exciting news: Autism Welcoming has a new look! The program's signage and materials now appear a bit different, thanks to an updated name and beautiful new logo.

When we launched the program in 2019, its name – Autism Welcoming Initiative – reflected our efforts to start a wave of autism acceptance and sensory responsiveness among local businesses. Thanks to our community, the initiative took hold, and we’ve now certified dozens of organizations and shared our work across the country. Our new name, Autism Welcoming, signifies all the ways we’ve grown over the past five years – and all the ways we hope to grow and evolve in the years ahead.

With this updated name comes an updated logo, and we think our new visual identity reflects the Autism Welcoming spirit of community and celebration of diversity. We hope you agree!

Logo: Autism Welcoming in big blue font with Advocates and Autism Alliance underneath in smaller blue font. The design includes a circle made up of rays in various bright, happy colors

Of course, our name and logo aren't the only exciting happenings at Autism Welcoming! There's lots more going on as our program grows. We're currently building a new website to enhance supports offered to certified businesses, and we're also rolling out a program to offer free Autism Welcoming certification to dental practices.

As if this weren't enough, we recently learned that we'll have additional Autism Welcoming news to share in the months ahead, so make sure to follow Advocates and Autism Alliance on Facebook to keep current on all that's in store!