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14 Prospect Street
Milford, MA 01757
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Autism Welcoming Initiative


Emergency Department

Milford Regional Medical Center has one of the busiest emergency departments (ED) in central Massachusetts. The demand for our emergency services has been soaring – from 38,000 patients in 2000 to 56,000 last year. Looking ahead, patient visits in the ED are projected to rise to 70,000 as the local population continues to grow and the Baby Boomers age. For these reasons, we have recently undergone a very large building project which includes a much needed expansion of the emergency department.

The Milford Regional Medical Center Emergency Department is a NEWLY certified Autism Welcoming. Staff are trained about autism and how impactful accomodations to those that visit can make a significant difference. Some of the ways the Emergency Department will do this is by providing enhanced communication with families and individuals on how we can make their specific experience more comfortable. This may include: calming tools and visual supports and/ or a quiet space if needed upon your arrival. Please notify the nurse manager of any special accommodations you would like, such as a calming kit, a quiet waiting area, visual support menus, or other sensory friendly accomodations. 

What is an Autism Welcoming Business?
Autism Welcoming businesses make simple, but impactful accommodations to support individuals and families with autism. They are trained by Autism Alliance staff and partner together to create a supportive environment. Learn more about our Autism Welcoming Initiative.